About Domen
We serve to promote the growth of our customers

About Domen Group of Companies

DOMEN is a group composed of three companies TzOV Koliorovyi Svit (Ltd), TzOV Domen-Druk (Ltd) and TzOV Pidpryiemstvo Cliché (Ltd) which have earned a solid reputation in the printing market of Ukraine over 20 years of service and steadily continue to grow and develop. As technology has changes so have our products and services, reaching well beyond paper and ink.


Why us:

  • High quality products.
  • Competitive prices.
  • Guaranteed compliance with the terms of the contract


Our goal is to develop printing solutions for your success.


Our aim is to create a solution that would satisfy the needs of the customer, in consideration of the scale and target market, and thus, we constantly review and analyze suggestions and requirements of our customers and their markets.

Today, more than a hundred well-known enterprises of various industries are long-term customers of DOMEN companies. Our headquarters is located in Lviv, Ukraine and we have representatives in Poland, France, Moldova, Georgia, Azerbaijan and Russian Federation.


We serve to promote the growth of our customers, offering innovative solutions through our professionalism, experience and advanced technologies.


  • Focus on our product quality.
  • Innovative ideas and out-of-the-box solutions.
  • Continuous training, improvement of our personnel and employees
  • Teamwork and initiative



Our services:

  • Labels printing on different types of paper.
  • Labels printing on metallized paper.
  • Labels printing on self-adhesive materials.
  • Soft cardboard packaging and printing.
  • Printing posters, leaflets, booklets, catalogs etc.


Additional services:

  • Creating product design.
  • Production of unique materials.
  • Smart delivery
  • Exceptional customer service and after sale support